My Dearest Readers

My dearest readers, 

I love blogging about all the pretty and ugly things running and triathlon has to offer. I am currently training for something that is much bigger than anything I’ve ever done. Training for my first marathon has taken a lot from me. I was sick the last week, but other than that, training is going very well. 

I often have a lot of ideas for the blog or for posts. I write posts in my head while on the run. The only problem? Writing it down doesn’t work while running. Not that I have tried.

My internship is coming to an end pretty soon, so I am writing a lot of applications at the moment. I have had a few job interviews, but no real plan of what and where I will be spending 40+ hours a week once my internship ended. 

Spending too much time on the computer on the job and for the job hunt, I am enjoying the time I spent not looking at a monitor.

So, all I want to say is that I think about this blog often, but the time I have not working, running, and writing applications is limited. I hope I will get to write all the post I have in my head soon. And I hope you’ll stick around.

On the bright site of life, I am running a half marathon this Sunday! It’s a hilly one, so I will most likely not run a PR. That’s hard. It would be my first race ever not running a personal best.

All jokes aside, I know that being sick last week really broke me down. I talked to my coach Susi on Friday and we decided that I should skip my long run on Sunday. Instead, I ran 20 minutes on Saturday, 30 minutes on Sunday and 30 minutes today. Today’s run was hard. 

I have a rest day tomorrow and then the “real training” will start again. 

It’s September next Sunday, and September means marathon month!

Happy running, friends!



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Berlin Marathon Training: Week 11

I have 4 month of marathon training behind me already. Can you believe it? Berlin is extremely close now. I have had 3 amazing training weeks behind me and I am now happily enjoying a rest week. Before we look at last weeks training, let’s recap the week of June 29th!

Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)
Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013)
Week 8 (8. June- 14. June 2013)
Week 9 (15. June- 21. June 2013)
Week 10 (22. June- 28. June 2013)

Week 11 (29. June – 4. August 2013)


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Monday:  8 km in 53:06 @ 6:38 min/km
(Planned: 60 minutes easy)

Wednesday: 8.2 km in 50:18 @ 6:08 min/km. Intervals: 1:30 min @ 4:20 min/km, 4:32 min/km, 4:26 min/km, 4:43 min/km, 4:25 km/min
(Planned: 45 minutes with 5x 1:30 min tempo)

Thursday: 45.73 km road cycling in 1:53:19 hours @ 24.2 km/h

Friday: 6.6 km in 43:36 min @ 6:36 min/km & running ABC
(Planned: 45 min easy & running ABC)

Sunday: 18.02 km in 2:00:05 hours @ 6:40 min/km
(Planned: 120 min long run)

40,82 km or 4 hours, 27 minutes of running.
1 hour, 53 min of road cycling
or 6 hours, 20 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • I did all of my runs, even though it wasn’t easy all the time.

Downs of the week:

  • None

To sum up my feelings: I’m learning about myself as well as my body every single week of this marathon training. Tempo runs must be done in the evening, to name an example.

8 weeks until Berlin…

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Berlin Marathon Training: Week 10

Oh hey. I’m the one training for my first marathon, remember? I used to do these weekly recaps. I plan to keep on posting them, so here is the recap for the week of July, 22nd. 

Week 10 of my marathon training was first week of “real marathon training”. Until then, I ran 3 times a week. Now, a typical week consists of four runs, with increasing mileage.

Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)
Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013)
Week 8 (8. June- 14. June 2013)
Week 9 (15. June- 21. June 2013)

Week 10 (22. June- 28. June 2013):


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Monday:  8 km in 52:20 @ 6:32 min/km
(Planned: 60 minutes easy)

Wednesday: 6.51 km in 40:01 @ 6:09 min/km. Intervals: 4 min @ 4:51 min/km, 3 min @ 4:46 min/km, 4 min @ 4:57 min/km
(Planned: 45 minutes with 4×4 min tempo)
This tempo run was my first one in the morning, and I must say that me and tempo runs don’t like each other at 6 am.

Thursday: 3.86 km in 37:56 @ 9:50 min/km run/walk with my mother

Friday: 7 km in 45:33 min @ 6:30 min/km & running ABC
(Planned: 45 min easy & running ABC)

Saturday:  15.2 km in 1:45:36 @ 6:55 min/km – the run was had due to the warm weather. Probably the slowest pace I have ever ran.
(Planned: 105 min long run)

Sunday: 90 minutes Swim

40,57 km or 4 hours, 41 minutes of running.
90 minutes of swimming
or 6 hours, 11 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • On Monday, I woke up early to beat the heat and ran in the morning! I never thought I could be a morning runner, but I liked it so much, I have been doing it for the past 2,5 weeks. It’s nice to get the run in before the day even starts. I also got all my runs in and did strength training, which is great, too.

Downs of the week:

  • The weather was beautiful for relaxing in the garden, but running? Too freaking hot! I ran slower than usual, which is kind of depressing.

To sum up my feelings: There is one word to describe my feeling this week: happy!

9 weeks until Berlin…

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Berlin Marathon Training: Week 9

During week 8, I had fevers. In week 9, it wasn’t much better. I felt powerless, I had cramps and again, fever. Two positive things of the week: rest week, which meant that I didn’t miss too much training, and I took three days off from work to rest. I didn’t do much during the first three days, and then on the weekend, I cheered for my favorite ITU pros at the Hamburg Triathlon. I hope to sit down and write a post about this, too, but I seem to be a bit lazy when it comes to writing these days.

Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)
Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013)
Week 8 (8. June- 14. June 2013)

Week 9 (15. June- 21. June 2013)


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Tuesday:  nothing
(Planned: 50 minutes easy)

Wednesday: nothing
(Planned: 45 minutes)

Thursday: 3.71 km in 35:02 min @ 9:27 min/km – run/walk with my mother
& 44.74 km road cycling in 1:46:54 @ 25.1 km/hour

Friday: 4.5 km in 29:36 min @ 6:35 min/km – hottest run ever, my body sure couldn’t handle the heat, so I cut the run short.
(Planned: 60 min easy)

Saturday: 90 minutes Swim

8,21 km or 1 hours, 4 minutes of running.
45 km bike ride in 1 hour, 47 minutes.
90 minutes of swimming
or 4 hours, 35 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • I would have never expect to say that, but the rest I got was definitely the up of the week. On Sunday, I felt relaxed and ready for a hard training week.

Downs of the week:

  • Well, just one our of running, obviously don’t need to say more.

To sum up my feelings: Mixed, again. On Sunday, I was disappointed about the past week, but I felt ready and motivated to start in a new week with lots of training.

10 weeks until Berlin…

(I know, last week I posted 12 weeks. I think I made a mistake somewhere, so only 10 weeks left!)

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Sprint Triathlon (1:24:17)

I have been enjoying a few days off. Sleeping in more than once a week is great. Not being on the computer for more than 8 hours a day is quite awesome, too. So, sorry for being late with my race recap, and sorry for not being sorry at all.

In the days leading to my first triathlon, I thought about my goals many times. I even thought about writing a post with all my goals, but the night before the big day, I decided that the first triathlon was not supposed to be raced with goals.

I had a lot of other fears to fight with, and I wanted to focus on doing a race I would love.

The biggest fears were definitely connected with the swim. I never swam in the open water before, and my biggest anxiety was that I would panic during the swim. Also, I feared to loose my contacts during the swim and get a flat tire during the bike ride. Another big issue for me: how the heck would I get out of my wetsuit?

All those fears might seem ridiculous, and I am glad to say that none of them were an issue. The triathlon itself felt easy. It didn’t feel like it was my first time and it kind of felt like I was always meant to be a triathlete.

On race day, I woke up at 6 o’clock with all of my stuff already packed. I ate my breakfast, and braid my hair. Soon, my dad came to pick me up.

It was raining when I arrived, so I didn’t get my transition area ready right away. I checked in my bike and we still had a lot of time, as my group didn’t start until 11 a.m. Around 10.40 a.m. the rain stopped. I got back to the transition area, got everything ready for the transition area, and got my wetsuit on.

I walked over to the swim start and got into the water. I felt confortable right away! No longer was I feared to panic during the swim, and I was quite calm when the gun went off.


I waited a few seconds to make sure I didn’t have to defend my space during the swim and then I swam.  I lost my orientation a few times, so I decided to swim breaststroke for every 5 or 6 breath I took. That worked quite well for me, but definitely something I will try to improve next time.

Swim: 12:08 (41th place, 500 m)

I ran to the transition area and found my bike right away. Trying to remember everything was surprisingly easy. I know I can improve the transition, but for the first time, I was quite proud. The wetsuit wasn’t even a problem.


T1: 2:00 (38th place)

I took my bike and run, but I didn’t quite know where I could start riding. There was also no one in front of me (well, there were, but they were already out of sign). I just run, and then someone told me that this was were I need to get on the bike.

During the bike ride, it started to rain again. I have never ridden my bike in rain before, and I have always thought it would be smart to ride at least once during rain so that you are prepared during a race. Oh well, I still felt great. I was careful while going into a curve, but otherwise, I just ignored the rain.



We rode a 10 k lap for two times, and as soon as I knew it, I faced the run.

Bike: 41:52 (51th place, 20 km)

T2: 1:49 (71th place)

The first hundred metre felt great, but then, it got bad.

I never practiced the transition between cycling and running. The training for my first marathon has been a priority. However, I must say that the run would have been easier and more enjoyable. That counts as well, right?


My legs felt weird. Some said it would feel like running on eggs, but I can’t describe the feeling I had. I also felt awful slow. For the triathlon, I decided to run without my Garmin, so I had no idea how fast or slow I was going. Sure I wouldn’t be under 30 minutes.

Halfway in the run, I felt sharp pain in my left shoulder. I kept going, even though I was sure I could not finish the run. What was it? Maybe my back got cold during the bike ride, I thought.

After a few minutes, the pain went away. I still felt very slow, but I was passing a lot of other triathletes. I, myself, was only passed once or twice.

I made a few turns and saw the finish line.

Later, I found out that I ran much faster than I tought.

Run: 26:29 (38th place, 5 km)

ElbeTriathlonTime overall: 1:24:17
44th out of 81 women
6th out of 7 in my age-group (AK20)

I can’t wait for my next triathlon, which I will definitely train for. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my time, but I know I can do much better when I actually train.

While my goal race for this year is my first marathon, I will make my goal race for 2014 a triathlon.

I love the sport, I am so happy that I stumbled over it five years ago and it was worth the wait!




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Berlin Marathon Training: Week 8

During the past week, I was sick with fever and all. I’m used to it, I know there are regular fevers and stomach pain, and I am not longer surprised by it. However, I don’t run with fever. Smart, I know, but I hate not being able to train properly. I have serious hopes that the doctors will find out what’s wrong soon. I have the next days off, so I make sure to train when I can and get enough rest. I also have a MRT tomorrow, but my hopes for a diagnosis have fade already.

So, not much training last week and a very pissed Nina, because I was scared I could not do the triathlon. Gladly, I felt good on Sunday.

So let’s look at another happy picture of me, doing a triathlon. It’s the up of the post that is going to be followed by a pretty much non-existent training week.


Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)
Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013)

Week 8 (8. June- 14. June 2013):


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Tuesday: First day of fever, no run
(Planned: 60 minutes easy + running ABC)

Wednesday: 9 km in 53:35 @ 5:57 min/km with 4×4 min tempo (paces were 4:47, 4:33, 4:49, 4:56). My brother came with me riding his bike, and it was nice chatting in between the intervals.
(Planned: 45 minutes with 4x 4 min tempo)

Friday: Fever, again. Rest.
(Planned: 60 min easy)

Sunday: Sprint Triathlon- recap coming soon!

14 km or 1 hours, 20 minutes of running.
20 km bike ride in 42 minutes.
12 minutes of swimming
or 2 hours, 14 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • The triathlon was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to repeat it.

Downs of the week:

  • My health sucks. I hate feeling the way I do and not knowing why.

To sum up my feelings: Mixed. Can’t describe it. However, I love the tri-sport, that’s for sure!

12 weeks until Berlin…

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I’m A Triathlete!

Today, I became a triathlete. 

I had a great time racing a triathlon for the first time!


I finished 500 m of swimming, 20 km of cycling and a 5k run in 1:24:17.

I feel like I should take the time to review everything properly, so you can expect the race recap  to be posted midweek.

So, where’s the next triathlon I can race as soon as possible?

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