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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!

Laziness At It’s Best

Usually, I would be spinning my little heart out at the gym right now. Instead, I am blogging. Lucky you. I have a cold at the moment that just doesn’t want to leave. My body is fighting a virus, or … Continue reading

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Great Things

I turned 24 yesterday (gosh, I’m old) and even though I am looking forward to the next 12 month, it’s going to be freaking hard to make my 24th year even better than the last one. To honor the best … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

What I was scared of the most while training for my first marathon wasn’t running marathon itself. It was the time after the marathon. What would I do next? What do I do without a coach by my side? Do I … Continue reading

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Koelbrandbrueckenlauf 2013 Recap (1:32:01)

My mother turned 50 today, which leads me to the fact that I haven’t posted the recap for a race we did a few weeks ago. It was the first race we ran together and I must say that I … Continue reading

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40th BMW Berlin Marathon Recap (4:28:28)

Going through the memories, the marathon seems to be so far away yet it feels like it was yesterday. On September 28, after a kick-off weekend in Regensburg, 18 weeks of training, many miles and a lot of doubts, I … Continue reading

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How To Be A Hero: The Blankenese Half Marathon (2:09:29)

I always hear people complaining about running injuries or lost toenails. I was injured for quite some time when I started running again in 2011, simply because I wanted too much too soon. Other than that, I never even got … Continue reading

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Blogging Again.. as a Marathoner

Hi there! I missed you, I really did. I didn’t miss blogging as much as I missed this community and I really needed a break. In my last post, written and published on August 26th, I explained my need to … Continue reading

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