Laziness At It’s Best

Usually, I would be spinning my little heart out at the gym right now. Instead, I am blogging. Lucky you.

I have a cold at the moment that just doesn’t want to leave. My body is fighting a virus, or maybe it’s just me being anxiously about catching something while riding two subways and a bus two times a day for an hour – with tons of running noses. Yuck!

How fitting that the teacher of my spin class sent this picture via mail today.


Thank you, I feel much better skipping both spinning and swimming this week.

So yes, I have been swimming and spinning for a few weeks, but I still haven’t got the running bug back. I leave the house in the darkness and come home long after the sunset. After a much-needed break after the marathon, it’s time to run again. Regularly. With a plan.

I have doubts that it was the right decision to sign up for the Hamburg Marathon. It’s on May 4th, most of the training will be in the freezing cold. If we have a similar hard winter than last year, we will have snow until April. How on earth would anyone ever want to sign up for a spring marathon?

The truth is, I always dreamed about running the Hamburg Marathon, and training for it is a part I need to accept. Do I want to finish? Do I want to get faster? Do I even want to run a sub 4 hour marathon?


Yes, I do.

It’s time for my stronger self to kick my weaker self in the butt. Only 22 weeks and a few days until my second marathon.



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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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