Berlin Marathon Training: Week 8

During the past week, I was sick with fever and all. I’m used to it, I know there are regular fevers and stomach pain, and I am not longer surprised by it. However, I don’t run with fever. Smart, I know, but I hate not being able to train properly. I have serious hopes that the doctors will find out what’s wrong soon. I have the next days off, so I make sure to train when I can and get enough rest. I also have a MRT tomorrow, but my hopes for a diagnosis have fade already.

So, not much training last week and a very pissed Nina, because I was scared I could not do the triathlon. Gladly, I felt good on Sunday.

So let’s look at another happy picture of me, doing a triathlon. It’s the up of the post that is going to be followed by a pretty much non-existent training week.


Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)
Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013)

Week 8 (8. June- 14. June 2013):


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Tuesday: First day of fever, no run
(Planned: 60 minutes easy + running ABC)

Wednesday: 9 km in 53:35 @ 5:57 min/km with 4×4 min tempo (paces were 4:47, 4:33, 4:49, 4:56). My brother came with me riding his bike, and it was nice chatting in between the intervals.
(Planned: 45 minutes with 4x 4 min tempo)

Friday: Fever, again. Rest.
(Planned: 60 min easy)

Sunday: Sprint Triathlon- recap coming soon!

14 km or 1 hours, 20 minutes of running.
20 km bike ride in 42 minutes.
12 minutes of swimming
or 2 hours, 14 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • The triathlon was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to repeat it.

Downs of the week:

  • My health sucks. I hate feeling the way I do and not knowing why.

To sum up my feelings: Mixed. Can’t describe it. However, I love the tri-sport, that’s for sure!

12 weeks until Berlin…

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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