Berlin Marathon Training: Week 7

To schedule a post is the dumbest thing ever. At least when you are like me and schedule it for August, 8 instead of June, 8. Seriously, I was so excited that I had my weekly recap up on time, and now that… So here it is, just pretend it is last Monday!

Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)
Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013)
Week 6 (24. June- 30. June 2013)

Week 7 (1. June- 7. June 2013):


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Tuesday: 7.2 km in 45:12 @ 6:17 min/km & running ABC together with my 4 years old neighbor – too cute!
(Planned: 60 minutes easy + running ABC)

Wednesday: Didn’t feel good, didn’t run.
(Planned: 45 minutes with 3x 4 min tempo)

Friday: 8 km in 47:52 @ 5:59 min/km
Did Wednesdays speed work, the paces I could keep for 4 minutes were 4:46, 4:42 and 4:48. It felt hard but so good.

Saturday: 90 minutes swim.
(Planned: 90 minutes long run)

Sunday: 75 km bike ride in 2:50:00 @ 26,5 km/h

15,2 km or 1 hours, 32 minutes of running.
75 km bike ride in 2 hours, 50 minutes.
1 hour, 30 minutes of swimming
or 5 hours, 53 minutes of training.

Ups of the week:

  • My 75 bike ride, which was 30 km longer than the longest ride I did before.

Downs of the week:

  • Missing the long run of the week. I just couldn’t fit it in. I wasn’t at home the whole day Saturday, and after the long bike ride, I didn’t want to risk doing too much. Then, I thought it was a good idea to do the long run on Monday, but I have a big week ahead of me, so this wasn’t really an option neither.

To sum up my feelings: Do your long runs. Do your long runs. Do your long runs. And fit in strength training as well.

13 weeks until Berlin…

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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3 Responses to Berlin Marathon Training: Week 7

  1. runner1313 says:

    I completely agree! Long runs must be done to prepare the legs and also the heart.

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