Halfway Through 2013

Happy 1st of July! This day marks the first day of the second half of the year so I am going look where I stand with my 2013 goals.


Run/Bike/Swim Goals

  • I will run this year! (Run 2013 km in 2013) – I didn’t run a lot in the first few months of this year- 469 km to be exact. I am sure that I will run much more the second half, but not enough to reach 2013km.
  • I will go on a 50 k bike ride
    My longest ride has been 43 km, but I am sure to check this goal of soon.
  • I will spent more time outside my comfort zone
    Most of the races were hard and riding my bike still feels hard. I sure spent some quality time outside of my comfort zone.
  • I will swim 400 meter without any breaks
    Did it! My current PR is 7:51 without a wetsuit. Back in January, it was 10:30, so this is  a huge improvement!
  • Run 3 half-marathons
    I ran the Århus Halvmarathon and the Hamburg Half. I am signed up for another one on September, 1.
  • Run a Sub-2 hour half-marathon
    Did it a bit over a week ago with a time of 1:55:47!
  • Run a 5k or 10k 
    I ran my first 10k a month ago, you can read the recap here.
  • I will run on a track
    This did not happen yet.
  • I will run with a pace under 5 min/km for at least 1 km
    I think I have never shared the splits I ran during the Århus Halfmarathon, so here they are:


I guess I really wanted to run a sub 2 when I noticed how close I was…
Also, the missing metres around km 7.. were run in a parking deck.

I only have looked at the running/biking/swimming goals I set for myself, since the other goals don’t really fit this post nor my life at the moment.

As time passed this year, other goals came to my mind, so I am adding them on the list.

  • Run the Berlin Marathon and finish healthy, happy, and eventually in under 4 hours.
  • Do a triathlon and officially become a triathlete.
  • Go on a 75 km bike tour because 50km are just not enough
  • Run a race in November or December cause who said running in the cold isn’t fun?

I am ready for the second half of 2013.


About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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3 Responses to Halfway Through 2013

  1. Nice job with your goals so far. Hope you meet all of them.

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