5 Years Ago

On June 29, 2008, I lined up between 4000 other runners to run my first half marathon.

The idea to run for 21,1 km came in a school brake while I talked to my friend Miri. We were hooked by the idea to run a half marathon and since we talked about it in school, soon everyone knew about our plan. There was no going back.

We trained like crazy, without any plan of running, training plans or anything else that mattered. Looking back, the only thing we did right was the investment into a pair of running shoes.

We run when we felt like running, and we always run as far as we could. There were no tempo runs, no easy runs, there were only long runs. Soon, we did our usual 14 or 15 km route every single run, a few times a week.


We always run together, from the very first training run to the race itself. We made a promise to cross the finish line together. We talked about our big day and looking back, all we did was chit-chat. Today, I wonder how I was able to talk that much during the runs.

The day of our half marathon was the hottest of the year. At km 7, Miri mentioned that she wanted to quit. “I can’t do this” she said. “You can do it!” I said. I felt good. We crossed the 10 km point after 58 minutes, but after that, it got worst. We stayed together until km 18 or 19, but then, I couldn’t talk her into getting it done. While she walked, I run forward.

Two hours, twenty-one minutes and thirty-six seconds after the gun went off, I crossed the finish line. Miri finished a few minutes later.


I was happy about the run, and I wanted to keep going, maybe finish a marathon someday. However, Miri had other plans. She didn’t enjoy the run and after finishing the race, she was done with running.

I couldn’t get myself to run alone, so I stopped running, too. 

It took me three years to get back to running. A bit later, I found this wonderful group of people who share their passion of running, triathlon and fitness on the internet.

Since then, I feel like I no longer have to run alone. 

I have the strong feeling that I wouldn’t be training for my first marathon if it wasn’t for you!

Thank you for reading this blog and for your kind words. 


About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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One Response to 5 Years Ago

  1. I love reading about people’s first races and how they got into running! I’m glad you’re back into it and enjoying running so much! It’s such a fantastic sport, and the online community definitely helps. But, don’t forget, you’re the one putting in all the hard work, so take lots of credit for that!

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