Berlin Marathon Training: Week 5

The weather sucks at the moment. We had two awesome days full of summer, and both of them were spent in the office. The other days: rain, storm, rain, thunder, rain. Don’t get confused by the Hamburg Half pictures, it rained in the morning of the race. Running in cold rain in June isn’t fun, y’all!

Week 1 (20. May-26. May 2013)
Week 2 (27. May-2. June 2013)
Week 3 (3. June- 9. June 2013)
Week 4 (10. June- 16. June 2013)

Week 5 (17. June- 23. June 2013):


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Tuesday: 9 km in 59:26 @ 6:36 min/km
(Planned: 60 minutes easy)

Wednesday: 3.52 km in 33:23 @ 9:30 min/km
I went for a run/walk with my Mom and planned to do my interval training later. However, it stormed and rained and my legs felt super tired.
(Planned: 45 minutes with 3x4min tempo)

Saturday: I was supposed to go on a short run, but due to the back pain, I decided against it.
(Planned: 20-30 minutes)

Sunday: Hamburg Half, 21.1 km in 1:55:47 @ 5:29 min/km

33,81 km or 3 hours, 28 minutes of running.

No other workouts.

Ups of the week:

  • First half marathon in under two hours! Whoop whoop!

Downs of the week:

  • Missing two planned runs. However, it’s not really a “down” because I think I wouldn’t have run the half marathon in that time if I had done all the runs. Sometimes, it’s better to rest.

To sum up my feelings: There were ups and downs this week. Not being able to move two days before a goal-race was difficult. Better now then two days before Berlin.

15 weeks until Berlin…


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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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