Nightrun Hamburg 7.5k (38:23)

Last Friday, I ran another race. My third race this month, my sixth race overall. I didn’t plan to sign up for the race, but one of my Berlin Marathon buddies wrote about a giveaway on facebook. Naturally, I had to enter, and I won a race entry.

It was the same race I did as my first race back in 2008, but this time, I ran the 7,5k and not the 15k.



Busted! Running through the finish.

I met with a group of runners (Team DKB!), we got our race shirt instead of a bib, changed into our running clothes, and made our way to the start. The night run started at 10pm, not a usual time to run for me.

Every time I get to a starting ling, I wonder were the heck I should start from. I usually decide to start in a group of people who are much slower. Not on purpose, though. Same time on friday. After the gun went off, I had to run way to slower than I could, and then made my way to the sidewalk and sprinted to the front.

Not the “real front”, of cause, but to the runners that were running my pace (5:10ish).

The run itself is great. I enjoyed it back in 2008, and I enjoyed it this time. The route goes around the Alster, a reservoir and if you’d count the runners that jog around the lake during a usual weekday, you could also call it the “central park of Hamburg”- lot’s and lot’s of runners.

What really got to me was the humidity on friday night. During the run, I often thought that I couldn’t keep up with the pace I was running. Only five days after my second half marathon, I could definitely feel that my body wasn’t rested.

My mind was stronger, I kept the pace. However, I was glad that the run was over when I crossed the finish line. It wasn’t easy.

38 minutes and 23 seconds, advantage 5:07 min/km.
574th out of ? runners.
74th out of ? women.
25th out of ? in my age group (H).
15th out of 79 teams.

Unfortunatly, I don’t have the numbers of runners yet. 

Thank you DKB for having me on the team!


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