April Changed It All

When one door opens, other ones will open.

Trust me, they will be even better than those small little doors that closed.

I have waited for a month like this for so long, and I am a 100 % happy with everything that happened in April.

[Insert Happy Picture] [Running = Happy]

[Insert Happy Picture] [Running = Happy]

My life has done a 180 Degree turn, and I love it!

First, I got an internship. I had the interview in the end of March, got the acceptance in the beginning of April, and started last week. I never wrote much about being unemployed, but to tell you the truth: it sucked! I wasn’t happy.

I did have a temporary job, but working 50 hours a month just didn’t do it. Now, I am working full-time in corporate communications, learning a lot, and loving it! I hope that after this internship, I will finally find a job, preferably in corporate communications, but for now, I am just happy that I am able to learn so much about it.

Then, I won an entry into the 40th BMW Berlin Marathon and a coach.

I am a bit unsure about my current training plan, since the coaching for my first marathon will begin on May, 13th. This is also why I have stopped posting weekly updates for my Hamburg halfmarathon training. The focus of my training changed, so following my training plan and knowing I would only follow it for the first half of the plan just didn’t make any sense to me. For now, I am just trying to build a solid base for my marathon training, including one tempo run every week. The Hamburg Half will happen, and maybe also the Aarhus Half, but the marathon became my top goal race for this year.

April was my highest mileage month since last September. I blame it on the beautiful weather and extra motivation (see above).

We all know that running alone won’t make a good marathon runner, so I decided to give Tone It Up another try. I started the 3rd annual Bikini Series, mostly because I want to expand my running/swimming/cycling with a bit of strength training. It takes lots of motivation to get me do strength training, and I hope to find it in the Bikini Series.

So, this was a little update on what happened in my life this month and what I am doing at the moment. I hope May will be just as fantastic!

How was your April?

About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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2 Responses to April Changed It All

  1. aidaros says:

    I also registered for this years berlin marathon and am so excited about it…

    Wht is ur target time and plz share with me some of ur trainings as am a but clueless … its my first such long run

    • Nina says:

      Hi, so glad to hear that I won’t be running alone :). I am really thankful that I got a coach to guide me through this journey. I am going to post weekly recaps and thought about training on the blog, you are welcome to follow along.

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