The 2013 Hamburg Marathon Cheering Recap

You saw it coming, it just took some while (almost a week, oops!).

I have been a happy, but busy girl over the week, so I didn’t find the time to sit down and write a post about all the awesome runners that ran the Hamburg Marathon last weekend. I had a blast cheering for them, and for me, it was even more important to cheer and share the love of running after what happened the Monday before.

I love the excitement that is in the air during a race weekend, and even though I wasn’t running the Hamburg Marathon, I felt it, too! Can it be September yet?

First, we went to a spot that had to be between the 30 and 32 km marks. As soon as we arrived, the leading group ran by. I had never seen professional runners run before (in real life), so I was pretty excited to see how fast they are actually going. I know the numbers, of course, but there is still something different about seeing them running for real.

Flying by..

Flying by..

I was also really looking forward to see Lisa Hahner run the marathon. She’s about my age (I’m 23), and, like her twin sister, belongs to the best runners in the country already!

Find Lisa!

Find Lisa!

Unfortunately, Lisa felt before she even passed the 10k mark. She crossed the finish line with bloody knees, finishing 4th place. Pretty impressive.

Her sister Anna, currently injured with a stress fracture, was following the race on a propably very fun way.

I wish someone would drive me around in a tandem. How cool that would be!

I wish someone would drive me around in a tandem. How cool that would be!

So, time went by fast and the few runners became a crowed. Endurance events are so great because the pros and the “spare time” athletes come together and celebrate. Heros!

I wasn't joking when I said SUPERHEROS! I never joke about things like that.

I wasn’t joking when I said HEROS! I never joke about things like that.

We went back to the subway and made our was to the start/finish area.

Still the happiest place in the world!

Still the happiest place in the world!

Cheering on the runners on the last few metres of the race felt incredible. It made me think of Berlin a lot, thinking about how I will hopefully cross that finish line in a few month, which still feels unreal but oh so good!

Standing in the finish area not even a week after the bombings also made me think about Boston quite often. Boston belongs in this post, and Boston was part of the Hamburg Marathon this year. Sad, but true. Runners wore a wristband in the colors of Boston. Police was everywhere. By everywhere, I mean in every single corner of the finish area. I am still sadden about everything, but so thankful to see that life goes on, no matter how much evil there is. This made speculating even more amazing.

Only a few steps left!

Only a few steps left!

What has been your favorite race as a spectator, not as a runner?

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