Expo Love?!

My weekend was just how I like my weekends: it included lot’s of running. Only  that I didn’t run. At all.

Today was the Hamburg Marathon, so naturally, I went to the expo yesterday.

To tell you the truth: I was excited to go since the beginning of the week. I was looking forward shopping running clothes and hoping to get lots of free stuff to try.

Turns out, the expo has changed since my last visit in 2008. It was much smaller, with pretty much nothing for free. Bummer!

No free stuff?

Well, for me, that’s not 100 % true. I visited the Aarhus Half Marathon booth, naturally. I love Denmark and really, really miss living there. I talked to the girls for a bit and they gave me a gift card for a free race entry! Lucky me! The race is June 9th, and I would love to run it. However, I still have some planning and thinking to do. I am currently training for the Hamburg Half, which is 2 weeks later, so I would need to change my training a little. Then there are also the travel expenses. So we’ll see.


Sabrina Mockenhaupt was visiting one of her sponsors during the expo, and you can bet I made sure to get a picture with  her. “Mocki” placed 10th in Boston last Monday.

Boston sure was present in Hamburg this year. Every runner got an armband in the Boston colors, and there were a few walls like the one on the picture beneath.


It was a happy day, but while writing on the wall, I had to fight back my tears. It’s still hard to belive.

Overall, I was glad I went to the expo. I didn’t find the new running gear I was looking for, but I got myself a Camelback Dart, since I needed a possibility to hydrate during my marathon training. (Still feels unreal)

I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know if it will bother me during my runs. However, I am glad to know I have one way to carry enough water with me on a 3 hour training run.

What does an expo need to make it visible? Have you met a professional runner?


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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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2 Responses to Expo Love?!

  1. The expo looks like a lot of fun! I’ve met Meb in person before, he is super sweet and humble!

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