Hamburg Half Marathon Training 2013- Week 1

My first week of training is history, and it did not contain much running. However, I did ride my road bike for the first time ever– and had a blast! I went on a ride with a group of people from my triathlon club, and even though I was scared in the beginning, everything turned out to be pretty amazing. Also, I am a pro at clipping in and out, since I did not fall once. I got pretty close to falling when I forgot that I was clipped in the pedals, but I simply balance the bike to make sure I had enough time to clip out. Lessons learned on that day: cycling is much easier than I thought.

Week 1 (April 1st- April 7th)
11 Weeks left…



Tuesday: 7,03 km in 45 min, 03 sec (6:23 min/km)

Wednesday: 1,5 hours of spinning

Sunday: 1,5 hours of swimming & 38 km cycling in 1 hour, 52 min

Total: km of running in Week 1.


I should have run more, and I had more miles planned. A few things came together and I only went running once. Nevertheless, with over 5 hours of endurance training, I am pretty confident I can add up over the next 11 weeks.

What are you training for at the moment? Do you enjoy mixing running with other exercises?


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