Let The Fun Begin

Today, I did the first run of my Hamburg Half training plan.

To motivate myself, I printed out the plan on Sunday and hung it up in a place where I am going to see it constantly for the next twelve weeks. I’ll write a post about the details of my trainings plan, why I chose this particular plan and what I changed in it, later this week.

Todays run was one of those runs that you don’t want to run, but then they are beyond amazing.

An easy run was on the plan for today and I ran 7 km in 45 minutes with the pace between 5:59 (yay!) and 6:50 min/km. I made sure it felt easy all the time and I was quite surprised when I saw the 5:59 on my Garmin after I finished km 5.


The sun was out and with temperatures around 5°C, I warmed up pretty quickly. I’m not a fan of those winter runs were I am freezing the entire run. You can figure that out pretty easily by looking at my Garmin data. The last run over 7 km had been on my birthday, November 23rd. After that, there are quite a few short runs, usually on my standard 5 km route. Winter makes me lame.

So, I freaked out a bit over the fact that I had to run for a longer time today. My level of endurance is ok, though, and I guess I can thank my winter spinning classes and swimming for keeping me fit.

I tried to take a route that will let me run on pavement for most of the time, because the trails were pretty icy and muddy. Exciting news: muddy trails means the snow is melting! I truly can’t wait for warmer temperatures, but you figured that out already.


Happy running, friends!


About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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2 Responses to Let The Fun Begin

  1. John says:

    Good luck Nina!

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