Hang In There, Spring Is Almost Here!

Man, I am mad.

Why? I am mad because I missed my Wednesday night spinning class, and it was all my fault. Hate when that happens.

I am currently working on an application to get a free entry into the 2013 Hamburg Olympic Distance Triathlon, coaching and all included, and a change to cheer for my favorites at the Ironman World Championships this year. While thinking about how awesome this would be and how this competition is pretty much designed for someone as triathlon addicted as myself (ok, I withdraw that: this competition is pretty much designed for me- only for me), I missed to pack my stuff for class on time. While I still packed, knowing I was late, I forgot half of the things I need. I ran around the house like a crazy chicken until I decided to simply not go. Whatever, it’s not that I missed most of the training this year due to never-ending sickness… nope, not at all.

I knew this day would end badly, since it started with a nightmare. Last night, I somehow ended up in a police station. It was my first day as a police officer, and a weird group of terrorists decided that they wanted to kill all of the policemen. It ended in a bloody mess, I survived, but a lot of my colleagues didn’t make it. I was glad to finally wake up. Seriously, is anyone into dream interpretation? Am I crazy or weird or both? At least I was on the good side…

There were a lot of hours of sunshine, too. I went running for the first time in two weeks, I did my core training and I enjoyed stretching with my favorite gal Kara (on NTC, not in real life, but I wouldn’t mind. Tweet me, Kara!). Speaking of sunshine, did anyone notice that there is a new weather feature on Garmin Connect? How awesome is that!

The run was really beautiful. Today was the first day in a long time that the sun was shining, and temperatures were up to 6°C (thanks, Garmin!). It felt like spring. I was dressed way to warm with my long tights, a long sleeve shirt and my raincoat, but that didn’t bother me. I hope that my favorite kinds of runs are right around the corner. (Shorts and long sleeve shirt runs are the best!) Actually, I saw a man running around in shorts and a t-shirt, but I swear, that must have been pretty cold for him. Hardcore!

I am pretty excited for all things coming up. Spring, riding my road bike and crushing that half marathon, in particular.



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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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