Ready Or Not

The most awesome thing about social media these days is that I can go on and on with all my ramblings without having to speak like a boy hitting puberty. The virus (which I thought I had left behind me) came back, and a visit to my doctor’s waiting room made it pretty clear that at least half of Germany is suffering from a bad cold at the moment.

Not good for running, and not good for Fabulous February. I did trick a bit yesterday night and made sure there was some kind of running related content in the past days: I signed up for my number one goal race of the season: The Hamburg Half.

Foto (34)

Yes, there might be a marathon in the fall, but fall is (luckily) still far away, so my focus is on the Hamburg Half. I can’t wait to train for my second half marathon and then crush it in under 2 hours (that would be at least 21 minutes and 37 seconds faster than my first half in 2008).

Now that I am signed up, I have no doubts that I can reach my goals. I always find that signing up is the hardest part of the whole journey.

When it comes to running, I usually make huge plans and then fail them because I am not ready to make commitment. 

Seriously, anyone else feels like signing up for a race is like getting engaged? I get all excited and have high hopes, but I also get scared, since no one ever knows what’s leading up to the big day.

Ok, I’ll stop being so dramatic.

Last year, I planned to run a half marathon in under two hours, but I never signed up for the race. I had trained for a half marathon and ran the distance before, but I did that a few years ago with a friend. Making this commitment all by myself seemed too huge, so I pushed it forward until I didn’t have enough time to train anymore. Same thing goes with my plans to run the Hamburg Marathon this year.

To be honest, what hinders me becoming the athlete I want to be it being scared of the commitment and the possibility to fail. Pretty stupit, I know.

This is exactly what I learned last year. This year, I will work on getting better into making these commitments with myself. After all, it is what I want, and not what others are pushing me to do.

Foto (35)

With that being said, I might also tell you what has been on my mind since I joined my triathlon club and bought my road bike last year:


Wait, what?!

In 2015, I am hoping to run over the finish line of Challenge Copenhagen. It’s a long way to go, both mental and physical.

Running the Half Marathon in under 2 hours on June 23 will only be a small step in the long-term, I’d be stupid not to take it.

What is your number one racing plans for this year and for the long-term? Do you feel similar about signing up for a race? Want to share a great training plan that would make sure I run a sub 2 half in the end of June? Any tips?

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3 Responses to Ready Or Not

  1. RunToInspire says:

    the only way i run is with knowing i have a race ahead of me…is thst the complete oppisite?!

    • Nina says:

      No, it’s actually the same with me. I used to run only for fun, but in the past month, I noticed that I really need to sign up for races. I love racing and I love training for races, but I hate pushing that “sign up button”. I have no idea why that is, but I am working on it. I race for myself, after all.

  2. facepalmword says:

    Putting running in your planner next week is like scheduling a date. Signing up for a race three months from now is like agreeing to go to a wedding as your new boyfriends date. Signing up for a race a year from now? TOTALLY like getting engaged.

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