Sharing Love

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

I hope you all spent the day with your loved ones.

I spent the day in a way that I love spending my days: completely sore. No, seriously, I love it! Today, it made me feel like I accomplished something great. As I am just coming off of the flu, still kind of recovering, I did work out “for real” for the first time in about a week. By “for real”, I mean I worked out for longer than my 15-minute NTC abs routine.

Before my 1 hour, 30 minutes spinning class last night, I did the NTC Squat Party. I tell you guys, it really is a party. My legs feel pretty hung over today, whatever that means. I am relying on your experience here, sweaty friends!

So while my legs were already tired, I dragged myself to the gym. My Wednesday night spinning class usually is a great way to move my legs, spin my little heart out, and sweat puddles of, well, lets face it: sweat! Yesterday, it was a fight. I won…

… with the help of two products I love!

Foto (31)


Foto (32)


Foto (33)


Don’t you love giving shout outs to your favorite companies and sharing your love with their products?

Nuun is a great product for hard workouts: add one tab to a half liter of water and you’ll get a great sugar-free sport drink packed with electrolytes. They come with great flavors and really are refreshing.  Sparkly Soul headbands, on the other hand, keep my hair out of my face for as long as it has too. Sparkly Soul sells the best headbands I have ever used, mostly because they are sparkly and never ever move!

I really did match my nuun flavor with mysparkly soul headband color by accident! Tri Berry and Purple made a fantastic match, and I survived hydrated and good-looking (or at least my headband was looking good).

I do now have a question about another runner’s favorite: the feared and loved foam roller! After barely being able to move all day, I made the decision to finally purchase one myself. I have never used a foam roller before, so I don’t really know what to look for. There are so many out in the marked, and I can’t decide which one to get.

What kind of foam roller do you have, and do you like it?

Which one should I get?

Any other products you love?


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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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2 Responses to Sharing Love

  1. It’s awesome getting shoutouts from brands on Twitter. 🙂 I have the Trigger Point foam roller grid, and it’s great!

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