Are You Ready For December? (I Am!)

I used to be that kind of girl who is said because a month or year is over. Now, I am the one being most excited about a new month or year, because I started seeing it as a new beginning. My previous month wasn’t what I wanted it to be? That’s ok, it’s over anyways, so let’s start with a great new month!

With that said: Happy December!

Seriously, how did this happen? (I know, I keep asking that every month, but let’s be clear: it’s the last month of 2012!)

Yesterday, it snowed! The snow melted as soon as it hit the ground, but let’s be honest- who doesn’t like running in the snow?

Want to see a picture from 2009 to see how much snow we got three years ago? I am sure you do!

I love running in the snow, but I hate running in the cold. Too bad these are linked to each other.

I love running in the snow, but I hate running in the cold. Too bad these are linked to each other.

After recovering from the cold with bad cough in the beginning of this week, I now have a relapse of my stomach problems. It’s not pretty. Yesterday, I was really close to going to the ER. The only thing that hindered me was that I don’t have health insurance at the moment. I lost my family insurance when turning 23 last week, and have requested the new one, but it’s not official yet. Dumb system!

What I wanted to say: I am ready for a new beginning! I want to feel comfortable in my skin and I want to have a balanced last month of the year, without all those high and lows I had the last weeks.

Writing a blog is like writing a journal. It increases focus!

Let us start focusing on making December a great ending of 2012!

In December, I will… 

(health related:)

… run a total of 100 km– that would be the highest mileage I reached in a month ever!

… drink a total of 1.5 liter of water or unsweetened tea every day (I haven’t hydrated enough for a single day in November)

… stretch on a regular basis and be able to touch my toes while standing on December 31!

… be able to do 10 push-ups by December 31!

… decide on my A-races of 2013.


… have two great job interviews and continue writing applications for my first real job. 

… work good in my temporary job, which starts December 3 and ends on December 24.

… arrange my room so I can finally feel more at home while living with my mother and brother again.

… have a wonderful Christmas with my family.

Man, it felt so good to write it all out. I am sure December is going to be awesome!

Are you ready for the last month of the year? Made planes or working on finishing your list of your 2012 New Years Resolutions?

About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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2 Responses to Are You Ready For December? (I Am!)

  1. I love your goals! Good luck on finding a great job.

    And I’m also loving the snow falling on your blogs. At first I thought something was wrong with my computer.:)

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