It’s my 23 birthday today.

All I had planned for today was to go on a run, because nothing is as fun as celebrating your birthday with an awesome run, right? Well, I woke up this morning with a sore butt and tired legs. Kind of natural, because I haven’t taken a rest day since last Saturday. 

I still went out there and run 11,3 km that were certainly not the run I hoped for. This run was hard! The lower part of my body hurt, and I felt powerless. After only 4 km, I ate two GU Chomps. I have never eaten anything during a run, but I took them with me because I knew they might turn out quite handy today, and they did for sure! I took the last two Chomps around km 9.

In the afternoon, I had cake and coffee with my family. I also got some great presents: cycling shorts and jersey, an air pump, lots of tools for Scotty (my new road bike) and a book that explains how to get my bike fixed and maintained. The only present that wasn’t biking related was the new J.K. Rowling book. My family sure knows how to make me happy!

In the last 23 years, I collected all kind of (wise and not so wise) wisdom and I will now share it with you! I know you can’t wait to hear it.

Here are the 23 things I learned in 23 years of life, in no particular order.

1. In order to be happy, you need to want to be happy Seeing things with a positive attitude will make life easier.

2. You don’t always have to do awesome things to make others happy On todays run, an older man I did not know cycled next to me for a few minutes to tell me how fast I was going (he used the speedometer  on his bike). I thought it was the cutest thing ever and made me smile. He probably did not know that the watch I wore showed me my pace even more precisely. I am working on doing more kind things for others, even if I don’t know them.

3. Hugs help! Enough said. 

4. It’s not important how many friends you have, but that you have good friends. 

5. You’ll never regret a run Don’t feel like running? Great, but belive it or not, you will feel great when you finish and you will not get that feeling of accomplishment while sitting on the couch!

6. Running cures everything except running injuries. Duh!

7. Live is not a competition Really, it’s not. Don’t try to be better or reach higher than others. Live your life to the fullest and don’t depend your life on the things other people do.

8.  Alone time is crucial  I belive living alone for some time is fundamental for the rest of your life, but also small things count. Read a good book, go to your favorite café and order your favorite drink, or just simply take the long way home.

9. Be open-minded. It will change your life only in a good way. 

10. Sometimes, you have to trust in yourself and your abilities If you would have told me I would finish my studies on time, I would have called you crazy. For no reason, I was in fear I could fail and not finish at all. The harder I worked, the more doubtful I became. Now, I know that my fear was for nothing. Trusting in yourself and in your abilities makes life much more enjoyable.

11. I like to wear colour and accessory. I used to wear all black and never found it necessary to dress up much. I just thought it wouldn’t look good on me. Over the past two or three years, it changed dramatically. I am still wearing sweaters and jeans, but I also love to use all kinds of accessory and colours, even when they are very eye-catching.

12. Friendships can change and it is not the end of the world I used to have friends that I thought  would be friends forever, but life changes you and it changes your friends and sometimes, those changes are in totally different directions. That’s not bad, it is just the way it is, friends will come and go and not all can stay forever. 

13. Ask a lot of questions! Be nosey. Question people, but also ask yourself all kinds of questions. You can’t learn and develop without the will to do so.

14. Nothing in life is for free, but it’s worth it Trust me, I just started getting into triathlon, so I know what I am talking about.  

15. Learn a new language and get a new soul It’s true what they say. Learning another language is about adopting another way of life.

16. Yoga is not for everyone I’ve tried it a couple of times. I really tried to be good friends with yoga, but it simply did not work. I get cold, I feel bored, and I hate it.

17. Not everyone will like you but that’s ok.

18. You can’t plan your life, you can’t even plan tomorrow Ok, you might can, but life will certainly not work out the way you planned it.

19. Eat healthy It will make you feel better.

20. Drink tons of water because that will make you feel better as well!

21. Into The Wild is my favorite movie ever probably because it’s about finding freedom and follow ones dreams, and both is freaking hard. Speaking of it, I haven’t seen that movie in forever. Movie night, anyone?

22. Never loose the childish side inside of you Be a pillow fighter and jump into puddles! That’s fun things to do, so why should grown ups stop doing those things? 

23. I’m not always right. Dammit!

So off I am trying to learn more things. Have a great weekend!

About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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6 Responses to 23

  1. John says:

    Happy birthday Nina!

  2. Corrie Anne says:

    Love your list. Hope you had a great one!

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