Tri Season 2013 Has Began (and why I’ll probably won’t “tri”)

sI hope that, in case you live near the east coast of Northern America, you got through this crazy hurricane Sandy and everything is ok. While signing up for my year abroad, the thing that scared me the most were the hurricanes. Living with a family I didn’t know was just fine, but dealing with the possibilities of a hurricane – freaky.  

Anyways, yesterday was the beginning of the triathlon season 2013. Who know 2013 starts that early for the triathlon world?

This isn’t me. Surprisingly , I don’t represent Germany during the ITU world triathlon series., but I needed a picture, and it represents triathlon. Mission accomplished!

Since I joined the tri club, it never crossed my mind that I could, in fact, do a triathlon in 2013. Then, I read that next summer, there will be an Ironman 70.3 in Berlin (first time!). For a hot second I thought that doing that race would be pretty awesome.

Then I remembered that I can’t swim 25 m – in the pool – without nearly drowning. So there goes that plan…

I am not planing on racing a triathlon in 2013. If it happens, it’s ok, but I can wait until 2014. I’m not really interested in racing a lot of sprint or olympic distance triathlon, however, I am aware that this would be a proper preparation for anything longer (and anything longer won’t happen in 2013, that’s for sure).

Turns out, the triathlon globe still rotates even if I am not planing any races (I refer to triathlon, friends, I still plan serious and hardcore running races) next year, so this is how my typical training week will be until next summer:

Monday: 0:45 h swim

Wednesday: 1:30 h spinning class

Thursday: weight training

Sunday: 1:30 h swim + wight training (if I don’t want to do it on Monday morning, which will likely be the case)

This is only the training with the group, don’t worry, I will still be running on my own…

… because running is fun!

Weight training is something that is totally new to me, and I truly didn’t enjoy it during the first training last Sunday. I think it’s the most boring thing to do, but I belive that it will help me for both running and swimming.

Do you like weight training? Any tips how I can enjoy it? Any hardcore races planned for 2013 already? Tell me ’bout them!


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5 Responses to Tri Season 2013 Has Began (and why I’ll probably won’t “tri”)

  1. Sounds like you’ll be a fish in no time! I didn’t know berlin is hosting a 70.3. I bet it’ll be awesome! You should volunteer at it to get a better idea of the entire event.
    I’ve actually started to really like strength training over the past year. SInce I haven’t really been running, it’s been nice to feel a workout burn still!

    • Nina says:

      2013 is the first time Berlin is hosting a 70.3! I would love to volonteer. I’ll take a look at possibilities as soon as the event gets a little closer.

  2. I have a hard time with weight training too. I can handle it in a class format because it moves so quickly, or if a friend is doing it with me. Also, I like yoga, which can be great for building muscle too!

    • Nina says:

      Same here. I used to own a membership for the gym, but I moved back to my hometown and I can’t afford a “real” membership here. One gym gives us the possibility to do weight training and spinning during winter, but I’m not allowed to do anything else. Otherwise, I would love to do pilates or any weight training class.

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