Koehlbrandbrueckenlauf: Goals

Tomorrow is the day of my first race since over four years.

In the beginning of this year, I have thought I would run a lot of races in both Denmark and Germany, but as it turned out, I did not run the half marathon I signed up to because I was in Germany and not in Denmark (where the race took place) at that time. Furthermore, I took a break from running for more or less four month.

On August 15, I laced up my running shoes and started to run again. It was something I had wanted for a long time, but at that very moment, I was scared of reality. How much of my endurance did I really loose? Can I run a km?

I run 4,8 km in almost 33 minutes, with some short walks in between. The day after that run, I signed up for my first race, the race I am about to run tomorrow.

I started running with a pulse monitor and get more aware of my body.  I ran every week for a total 15 runs and  95 km and I started stretching more often.

I never felt the knee injury that caused my lack of running the four month prior.

Köhlbrandbrücke, the bridge I’ll be running over tomorrow. source

With that said, my personal goal for the race is simple:

To enjoy and finish with a smile. Negative Split. And get that race bling, of course!

I haven’t run 12 km since April and finishing that distance will be enough for me.

I also don’t want to start to fast and somehow end up not being able to run until the end. Negative and Splitting are the magic words.

Getting the medal right after I cross the finish line somehow seems important to me. I have only one medal, namely the one from the half marathon in 2008, and I got it with the mail around 5 weeks after the run. Why? They hadn’t had enough medals for everyone who finished, and I was running to slow and therefore, there weren’t any left when I crossed that finish line after 2 hours and 21 minutes. You can only guess how mad I was when I found out about it. I won’t let that happen to me again!

Note to myself: do not get stressed over the time. Running is not all about the pace. At least not now. 

About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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One Response to Koehlbrandbrueckenlauf: Goals

  1. John says:

    “enjoy and finish with a smile” is a great goal.

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