Moving back to Hamburg wasn’t easy all the time. I have been missing the Danish way of living for some time. Everything is much more relaxed up there. But you know what? I missed Hamburg a lot when I was living in Denmark, because there are so many great things here, too. One thing I like about Hamburg is definitely the many possibilities when it comes to sports and racing. Every year, Hamburg hosts some of the biggest races. In need of examples? The Dextro Energy Triathlon, biggest triathlon in the world and part of the ITU World Championship series, the Vattenfall Cyclassics, a cycling event in and around Hamburg with up to 22.000 age group-participants, and the Hamburg Marathon, a race that, according to a lot of runners who run both, is even better than the New York City Marathon (comparing the entry fees and organisations of both events, I can fully understand why).

Hamburg was also planing to host the 2012 Olympic Games, but you pretty much know that didn’t happen…

This year, a new event was hosted. Last weekend, the Alstercup brought together rowers and swimmers.

Also for SUP and…well, cyclists. Everyone is welcomed, really.

On Sunday, I made my way to the Alster to follow the swim relay (6x 500 m). One guy swam the 3 km all by himself – Olympic Silver medalist over 10 k open water swimming – Tomas Lurz. Guess what? He was faster than all the other teams swimming with him. Impressive!

The winning 6 person relay (in one person combined).

Hopefully, the event will also be hosted in 2013 and maybe, I’ll be in the water next time.


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