Most Inspirational Weekend Ever

The title of this post is no joke, since last weekend was kind of the best weekend I had in a long time.

I love running, but I could never imagine myself run 100 miles or even 100 kilometre. Could I imagine myself swimming, cycling and running for 140,6 miles? Yes, sure, I can.

I am a triathlon junkie. And I go very far with it. One day, you will be able to meet me in Kona. I am dead serious.

I felt in love with triathlon in 2008, when I first saw the Hamburg triathlon by accident. I was shopping for clothes when I discovered that the race of the female elites  where going on at that very minute. I was hooked immediately.

The only reason I haven’t done a triathlon myself is, in fact, that I don’t have a bike. I found out that the sport is pretty expensive about two minutes after discovering my love to triathlon.

Nevertheless, this can’t stop me from watching and cheering and screaming and coming back to watch the elites fight every year.

Ricarda Lisk won the race in 2008, my first triathlon as viewer, so it was nice seeing her at this years race.

It was right after my discovery of the sport when Jan Frodeno won the olympic triathlon in Beijing. So, who else could be my favorite athlete?

Right after that, I started reading triathlon magazines and soon found out, that there was a lot more than I thought there was. The long distance triathlon became a huge dream of mine. There is nothing wrong to stay up laid at night to watch the Championships in Kona, right? Chrissie Wellington became one of my favorites.

Rasmus Henning, winner of the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon this year, Challenge Roth last year and so many other races, has also been one of my favorite athletes in the sport. It’s very likely that he became one of my favorites simply by being Danish (I love Denmark, and I love Danes, and we support each other. See, I think I am Danish even though I am not, and I am officially not living in Denmark for almost a week now… tears!), but let’s be honest, who could not like Rasmus?

When saying that last weekend was truly inspirational, it is because of these three people.

First, I read Chrissie’s biography “A Life Without Limits”. You should go buy it now, or wait until I am done writing the reviewing blog post on it and then buy it. It’s a great book!

Secondly, I meet Rasmus Henning and Jan Frodeno. I both saw them on Saturday, during the race of the male elites (Rasmus did not race but one the triathlon in Hamburg back in 2004, when he was still racing the Olympic Distance). On Sunday, I stumbled across them as I walked through the exposition.

I wished him good luck for London. That’s what you tell someone who is trying to defend his title.

Also I just moved back to Germany, it was great to speak a little Danish. Rasmus noticed my ecco shoes. Yes, that’s what real Danes wear (because they are sponsored by ecco), and what fake Danes wear (to be a real Dane).

Denmark – Hamburg ecco Connection!

I didn’t know that meeting people who are good in the sport of your dreams can be so inspirational, but it was. Also, I was amazed by the story of Chrissie Wellington. They all seemed so nice. Oh, and I do not stand next to an olympic champion that often, so I was happy I did so once.

Have you ever met someone who inspired you just by meeting him/her? Are you excited for the Olympics? What will you be watching?


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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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