Run, Run, Run!

Last week was a success!

I am no longer ill and found time to run 4 times last week.

Monday: Spinning (1 hour)
Tuesday: 9 km (5,6 miles) in 53:36 (Avg Pace 5:57 min/km)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5.6 km (3,5 miles) in 33:08 (Avg Pace 5:55 min/km) + climbing
Friday:  9,06 km (5,6 miles) in 54:33 (Avg Pace 6:01 min/km)
Saturday: climbing
Sunday: 7,7 km (4,8 miles) in 46:43 (Avg Pace 6:04 min/km)

That means Week 10 of 2012 was my best week this year- so far!

I can also see that I am getting faster. On Sunday, I had problems getting warm and my legs felt heavy. So I started slow, but the last 2,7km felt amazing, I thought I was flying.

Sundays Run

I think I should add speedwork. I tried intervals it before, but I wasn’t good in it. Any tips?


About Nina

a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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3 Responses to Run, Run, Run!

  1. dunedwards says:

    I recommend that you do some standard 1km intervals. I’ll do a blog post about it as my next blog post. What is your most recent 10km time?

    BTW These are going to hurt a bit!


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I’m amazed at your running! I hate running, the bounce bounce bounce. I’ve never had a bra good enough. This is an inspiration to any runner I’m sure though. Can’t believe you’d been sick!

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