Understanding My Body

This post could also be named half marathon Training Week 7, but the truth is that I have not trained last week because of illness. Also, I will most likely not race the half marathon because I will be in another country that day, so I guess I should stop counting down the weeks for a race that I will not run.

As you might know, I have had my troubles with health the past couple weeks. When I got a fever last Monday, I was upset, thinking this would never end. Than I thought a little more, and I realized that my eating habits could be the reason of my problem.

I have never been someone who eats a lot, but if been struggling with eating since I was fourteen. When someone does not eat much (can also be defined in: not enough), most people think that the reason for this is the wish to be thinner, but being thin never mattered much to me. While being an exchange student in Michigan, I gained lots of weight without bothering (and I gained it because of the different eating habits, when I went back to Europe, I lost everything only because of what we eat here is different from what most of the people I met in the States ate).

Me, 5 years ago

The real problem is, that food make me feel sick. My gallbladder was removed when I was about 14 years old. The result is, that lots of food make me feel unwell.

When I turned 19, doctors finally figured out why I had felt unwell for almost a year: I am lactose-intolerant.This means that I have to choose my food more wisely (no milk-products), but it also turns out that it is not that easy, because a lot of products bear small traces of lactose.

So, in fact, food makes me feel sick and this is why I simply do not enjoy eating as much as I would when I knew I would feel great after eating. I figured out a way to live without lactose and without my gallbladder, but in the past couple month I had troubles.

I ate much more pizza in the past two month than I have in the past two years. Also, I haven’t eaten enough good things, like fruits or vegetables.

How am I supposed to feel good and healthy and run hard when I don’t fuel my body with the things it needs, but with the things it does not want?

To celebrate my newly acquired intelligence, I celebrated my first run after my illness with a smoothie!


I promise to take care of myself a bit better now.

What is your feel-good-food? Anything you would like to share? Feel free to share, so we all can eat tons of food and feel happy together!

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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7 Responses to Understanding My Body

  1. Li Li says:

    “How am I supposed to feel good and healthy and run hard when I don’t fuel my body with the things it needs, but with the things it does not want?”

    SO TRUE. I am struggling with this myself right now. I keep choosing quick and easy over healthy. I can definitely feel a difference in my runs in these past two weeks that I haven’t eaten well. :/

    Cheers on making the change and feeling better! 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    I’ve always wondered about the differences in eating habits between the US and the rest of the world. There are so many horrible options in the US!! They make it so easy to eat crap. It makes me sad. Is it like that where you live, too?

    • Nina says:

      I lived in Cadillac, MI. One of the problems with the US is probably that you have a lot of fast food restaurants, and its quite cheap to eat there. It is also totally normal to buy pizza and take it home for dinner. This is how I experienced it. I am not used to that here. Also, I was horrified when I saw the food in the high school cafeteria, it should have been healthier. Sadly, Europe is taking over some of the US eating habits.

      • Kara says:

        Yes everyone loves pizza here, haha. What kinds of restaurants are typical there? Do you eat out much or not really? Just wondering, I’ve never been to Europe. Sorry for all the questions!

      • Nina says:

        We have a lot of American fast food chains here, but we have much more local restaurants (better food but more expensive). I don’t eat out alot, maybe once every two month. There are probably people that eat out more than me, but it’s more expensive which also means that it’s not really affordable for most people. It might be a cultural difference as well.

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