Yesterday, I Actually Trained

When you are reading my blog for a bit longer than a hot second, you know that I have been struggling with running and training for my second half marathon ever since the training began. Reason for this was that the last 2 month consisted mostly out of studying for exams, taking exams, and get nervous breakdowns, because I felt like I couldn’t handle all the studying. I really love going to university and learning as much as possible. I don’t mind doing lots of homework, which, in my case, consist of a lot of reading and writing and I never had problems taking exams, but for some reason, this semester was different, which is kind of weird since it is already my fifth- and you would think everything gets better over time.

I had to retake an exam, but last Tuesday (after 8 weeks and 10 exams), I finally finished.

Now, after being stressed for so long, and celebrating my freedom on a Wednesday night with a few friends, I am working on getting back to normal. First step was a little spring-cleaning.

The second step was to get back into my workout routine. After a Pilates class on Thursday, I went to a long run yesterday. And by long run, I actually mean “the-longest-long-run-since-my-knee-injury-last-summer”: 17 km (10,6 miles).  The first 10 km were very slow. I knew I wanted to run long, so I thought the best I could do was to slow down for the first half of my run, and then see what I felt like.

Also, I took the advice Lauren gave on her blog the other day. She wrote about how runs over 16 miles freak her out and how she splits her runs to make it mentally easier.

I, myself, freak out as soon as I picture myself running for more than an hour by myself, because I fear that I get bored. (Or lost. Or both.) So, I listened to what Laura wrote and splited my run into two loops. I planned a route were I would come by my apartment after 9 km, giving me the change to drop out of the run in case I really wanted to. Knowing that I didn’t have to run the whole 17 km I planned helped me a lot. And by the time I run by my street, I didn’t even think about whether I wanted to stop or not. The other 8 km felt great, and I finished the 17 km in 1 hour and 47 minutes.

I could have easily run longer or faster, but this long run was a booster for my confidence.

Other great news: my Garmin is on the way home. Hope the postman will hurry up so I can take it with me on my next loooong run!

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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