Halfmarathon Training Week 4

This week went way better than the last two, but also a bit different.

First of all, I run all of my runs without my Garmin. Not really by choice, though. I got my Garmin last November, and ever since then, it got condensations on the inside when it was cold or raining outside. I took it back to the store, and there they said that other customers had the same problem. This week, my Dad got a call from the store that Garmin sent it back with a letter saying that they couldn’t find anything and next time we sent it in, they will charge for it when nothing is wrong. Seriously? My Dad picked it up (I am in Denmark, and the store is in Germany, so I couldn’t pick it up myself) and tried it out, and guess what? The watch does not get any condensation on the inside at all. I don’t know why. All I know is how it was before I took it back to the store. Dear Garmin, did you do anything with my watch and try to keep it for yourself? Well, let’s see if my Garmin stays that way or not.

Next different thing is, that this is the first winter I run. Before this winter, I only run during spring, summer and fall. I just couldn’t imagine that I could actually run while it’s cool outside. This winter, I wanted to change and until know, it was easy to keep up with the running, since the weather was unseasonably mild.  Until now.

Now, let us take a look at what this Garmin-free week:

Halfmarathon Training Recap Week 4

Week 1
Week 2 + 3
7 weeks to go!




Gym Class: Boxing
Time: 55 minutes

I wanted to try out this class for a long time. It was hard, and I was sore for the next three days.


Distance: 5,8 km (3,8 miles)
Time: ca. 37 minutes
Avg Pace: 6:22 min/km

Sill sore from the class on Tuesday, this run felt really hard. I couldn’t even walk normal that day, so why the heck did I go for a run? Well, glad I did!




Distance: 5 km (3,1 miles)
Time: ca. 31 minutes
Avg Pace: 6:12 min/km

I run with a friend, who hasn’t run in over a half year. = Success!




Distance: 9,2 km (5,7 miles)
Time: ca 55 minutes
Avg Pace: 5:58 min/km

I didn’t go on a run on Saturday, because it felt way to cold outside. Today’s “warmest” temperature was still -7°C/19°F, but I did something I never do: I looked at the weather forecast. Now I know that it won’t get any warmer until Wednesday so I went anyways. It felt good until my legs got numb between kilometer 7 and 8, so I went home. This run was exhausting, I feel so tired now. But I am really, really glad I went out running today. I think that made me one step closer to be “a real runner”.

In conclusion:

Runs: 3
Kilometers: 20 km (12,43 miles)

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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4 Responses to Halfmarathon Training Week 4

  1. Good luck with your half marathon training. It’s definitely a tough journey but it’s all worth it when you cross the finish line 🙂

    You know what, my Garmin is having issues too. I’ve had it for about a year and half and I’m not sure if it has anything to do with condensation (I like in sunny Southern California) but whenever I am charging it, it doesn’t always work. It’s frustrating!!

    • Nina says:

      Thanks :). I think other watches probably have the same problems, I just think the letter Garmin wrote could be a bit nicer. I didn’t sent my watch in because I had NO problems, I sent it in because there were these problems. What makes me angry is that their charge alot for their customer service hotline. Shouldn’t be that way. I don’t have my Garmin yet and I don’t know when I will get it, but I’ll post some informations as soon as I try it out again.

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