2012= year of my first marathon?

Around this time of the year, people tend to make resolutions for the following year. Some people say they will lose weight or stop smoking, or both. Runners like us make goals for the next twelve month. We plan our races, we think about whether we want to run faster, longer, or train harder.

Last year around this time, I told myself I would run a marathon in 2012. Little did I know about what would happen in 2011. On June 21st, I got injured. My knee started hurting so much, I couldn’t even walk. No doctor could tell me why. I did an MRT, but nothing could be found. So the best I could do was buying new running shoes and after some time, I started running again. Very slowly. On August 7th, after many sessions of physiotherapy, I managed to run 5km.

Everything was ok again. I still felt that there was “something”, but it didn’t hurt. I run a bit more every month and I finally felt comfortable that I could run a marathon in 2012.

The finish line. See the people running? I'd like to be one of them.

Then, December came, and with it came lots of work and studying for exams. I made studying my priority, and I have only run 18 km this month. My last exam for this semester is in three weeks, and even though I love running, I do feel like it is not important at the moment. Well, maybe it is, but exams are more important right now.

Now, sitting here thinking about my New Years Resolutions, and I wonder whether I should still try to run the marathon in my hometown on April 29th. I do not only want to sign up for it, but I want to finish strong and healthy.  So the question is whether I should sign up.

I will run this. Next year or in 2013. Or in 2014. I will!

I might just make 2012 the year of half-marathons. I am planning on running a half marathon miles in under 2 hours anyway, so this could be a goal I could focus on. If 2012 is not the year of my first marathon, who says 2013 can’t be?

On the other hand, I have wanted to run a marathon for a very long time, and I have postponed again and again it for almost as long.

Have you ever felt like you want to run a race, but you were too insecure whether you can manage it or not? 

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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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6 Responses to 2012= year of my first marathon?

  1. Hi Nina
    2012 is my first marathon year and I have been putting it off since 2009! I guess what I would say is that if you are unable to commit to marathon training (due to school, work , life etc) and you want to run a good time then I’d wait. I also think self doubt is something that holds us back in life and that if you really want to do something then you can! I have done a couple of half marathons on no training and they were awful (although I ran ok times under 2 hours) as I injured my knee and didn’t run again for 6 months. I also hated every second of the race as I struggled to get round and felt like I was going to throw up! However I was not in good physical shape and am quite a bit older than you!
    Whatever you decide I look forwards to reading about it! Good luck!

  2. Nina says:

    Thanks for your comment! I think I will decide at the end of January. I only have 6 hours of classes a week next semester, so I think it wouldn’t be too hard committing to training, but as right now, I wouldn’t feel comfortable signing up (the costs are also too expensive to sign up and not run, so I’ll prefer to wait and pay a fee that is a bit higher in the end.). I am going to follow your journey towards the Brighton Marathon, maybe it will make my decision a bit easier.

  3. TheFathlete says:

    nina, 2011 was my 1st marathon year. i was plagued with injury (collapsed both arches-awful). i was able to complete the marathon i had already signed up for. i finished the race, but much slower than i had hoped. i must say that i regret doing it. i am proud i completed the race, but i am still embarrassed when friends ask my time (5:44). i was almost 2 hours over my goal time. the pain just wouldn’t permit anything else. i have had serious recovery delays & yada yada. said all that to say this, if you are stuck on your finish time & feel…..wait till 2013. let 2012 be the year of the halfs! have fun! stay stong!

    • Nina says:

      Thanks a lot for your reply!
      First of all, you should not be embarrassed about your time. The conditions you had were suboptimal, and what you did might not have been a smart choice for your health, but running a marathon under pain still deserves respect. I am sure that next time, under better conditions, you will reach your goal time!

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