Hello from Hamburg!

I came home on Wednesday after an 6 hours bus-train-subway test of nerves. My suitcase was packed not only with clothes but with lots of books for my next exams. Too everyone who thinks traveling does not count as a workout: you wrong. My muscles where extremely sore the day after.

I used the rest of the day for a little Christmas shopping (read as follows: buying all the presents) and a visit to the Christmas market, which was wonderful and nerve-wracking at the same time. Two days before Christmas equals crowded streets.

lovely pretty lights everywhere


Christmas marked. Wait… it’s snowing? This picture might be from 2009 then.


One good thing about being home is that I get to run where I felt in love with running. My family lives close to a nature reserve, and even though this means I have to wait with my run until the sun rises (not running in a forest in the dark all by myself), it makes me happy.

I did a 5k today. I didn’t have much time since I still had some Christmas shopping left, but I think that a 5k fits also in a busy schedule. It has been raining over the past days and running and jumping over puddles made it challenging. So it took me much longer than usually, almost 32 minutes, but I was glad I took the time for myself before going back to the Christmas shopping madness.

The after-picture

The after-run picture

I think my shoes are ready for a brush-off-spa tomorrow.



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a 20-something girl, full-time student trying to become a runner. Thanks for visiting my site!
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